Black Women on Money

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Black Women on Money

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Botswana, 200 Pula
200 Pula. Botswana. Woman teaching pupils. Issued 2009

Egypt, 5 Piastres
Front: Bust of Queen Nefertiti.

Brzail, 200 Cruzeiros
Front: Portrait of Princesa Isabel - Princess Imperial of Brazil
Back: Freed women slaves cooking out

Haiti, 10 Gourdes
Obverse: Lieutenant Mme Suzanne Sanite Belair (1781 - 1802). Battle scene. Coat of arms of Haiti (canons, flags, drum, anchor, soufflets, trumpet, sailing ship, palm tree with with Phrygian cap).
Reverse: Fort Cap-Rouge (Jacmel, Haïti), Fo

Haiti, 10 Gourdes
Front: Catherine Flon Arcahaie seated sewing the first flag of Haiti, 1803.
Reverse: Coat of arms of Haiti (canons,
flags, drum, anchor, soufflets, trumpet, palm tree with with Phrygian cap).

Cameroon, 500 Francs
Front: Face of a Cameroonian Fulani woman. University of Yaoundé campus. Stylised reptiles.
Back: Carved mask. Students in chemical lab. Carved statuette.
Work by: Raymond Vaudiau. Engraved by: Jacques Jubert.

Algeria, 5 Francs
Front: Algerian woman.
Back: Veiled woman holding produce; wharf scene with boats.

Biafra, 5 Shillings
Front: Palm tree. Rising sun.
Back: Four smiling women.

Cape Verde, 5,000 Escudos 2000.<br /><br />
Date of Issue: 5 July 2000.
Front: Cabo-verdean woman carrying stones on her head. Reverse: Perspective of Fortaleza Real (Royal Fort) - Cidade Velha (Old Town) in the settlement of Ribeira Grande on Santiago island, with a detail of the main gate. A composition made of two…

Ghana, 20 Cedis
Front: Queen Mother Yaa Asantewa (1863 - 1923) of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire.
Back: Miner, police or army officer, student, flag, demonstrators holding torch, bow and arrow, shotguns, drums, spears, machetes, torque, shovel, pickaxe.
Legal tender:…
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