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The Modern Africana World

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The Gambia, 10 Dalasis
Ibis; satellite station

Sierra Leone, 1,000 Leones
Carving; Bai Bureh; dish antenna

Rwanda, 2,000 Francs
Front: Parabolic satellite dish and communication radio mast antenna. Aerial view of the countryside hills in the background.
Back: A pile of fully washed coffee beans.

Algeria, 2,000 Dinars
Front: University auditorium or lecture hall; space satellite; double helix DNA strand; scientific laboratory.
Back: Wheat; palm tree; body of water; high-rise residential buildings; olive tree.

Cuba, 50 Pesos
Genetic Engineering Center

Côte d'Ivoire; West African States, 10,000 Francs
Front: Stylised sawfish which is a reproduction of the bronze figurine which was formerly used to weigh the gold powder among Akan people. It symbolises prosperity and fruitfulness in African mythologies. Importance of the development of new…

Malawi, 20 Kwacha
Larger airplane on rev.

Morocco, 100 Dirhams
Front: Portrait of King Mohammed VI (Born 1963). Architectural detail inspired from Moroccan doors. The Royal Crown.
Back: Tan-Tan Moussem, an annual gathering of nomadic tribes of Southern Morocco. Moroccan tent in a desert during Tan-Tan Moussem.…

Mozambique, 500 Meticais
Govt. assembly, chemists

Ethiopia, 100 Birr
Warrior, microscope
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