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Black Music & Dance

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Burundi, 20 Francs
Front: African dancer.

Cape Verde, 100 Escudos
Musical instruments; Amilcar Cabral

DR Congo, 5 Centimes
Front: Suku mask. Back: Zande Harp.

DR Congo, 200 Francs
Agriculture. Gong drummers.

Ghana, 20c000 Cedis
Ephraim Amu; building

Guinea, 1,000 Francs
Front: Smiling African woman; drum
Back: Mining scene; Guinean carved wooden mask

Mauritania, 100 Ouguiya
musical instruments

Madagascar, 1,000 Francs
Obverse: Malagasy flute player with a hat.

Morocco, 10 Dirhams
Front: King Hassan II; ablution pavilion of the Qaraouiyne mosque
Back: A lute (Moroccan oud) and a marquee of the Medersa Attarine in Fès.
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