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Ethiopia, 10 Birr
Woman weaving, tractor

Angola, 100000 Kwanzas Reajustados
Front: Conjoined busts of Jose Eduardo dos Santos and Antonio Agostinho Neto.
Back: Arms; Moringue jug; Angolan Pwo mask by Chokwe.

Biafra, 10 Pounds
Front: Palm tree. Rising sun. Back: Arms of Biafra. Carver carving.

Cameroon; Central African States, 500 Francs
Front: Map of the Central African States. Herdsman. Zebus and goats. Back: Kota mask. Antelopes. Baobab tree (Adansonia digitata).

Madagascar, 10,000 Francs
Obverse: Portrait of an old Malagasy man; Statuette; Local artifacts. Reverse: Malagasy artisans at work; Turtles; Abstract finial of a wooden Aloalo tomb sculpture.

Nigeria, 20 Naira
Front: General Murtala R. Muhammed (1938-1976). Back: Ladi Kwali, a famous potter.
Nigerian map outline in national flag colours.

Rwanda, 5,000 Francs
Back: Rwandan works of art - two crafted baskets.

Gabon, 500 Francs
Front: Figure carving and jug. Back: Carver with his works of art; Carved masks, shields, figures.
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