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Obverse: Anton de Kom (1898-1945). Part of the Monument of the Revolution in Paramaribo (Military Coup of the 25th of February 1980). Row of houses and famous buildings in Paramaribo including the historical Ministry of
Finance of Paramaribo, with…

Obverse: French colonial military leader and naval officer, Émile Gentil (4 April 1866 – 30 March 1914). African village scene with people hanging around huts. Reverse: African men near lake and lush vegetation.

Front: Semi naked females and bearded men in front of church;
Back: Man with bananas

Front: Marshal António Oscar de Fragoso Carmona (1869-1951) 11th President of Portugal (1926–1951); Pre-1975 Portuguese Angolan coat of arms depicting an elephant and a zebra. Back: African Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis).

Dock scene, explorers

Obverse: Le Petit Prince (Little Prince); Portrait of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (full name - Antoine Jean-Baptiste Marie Roger de Saint Exupéry) - French writer and aviator born in Lyon in 1900, disappeared in an air mission
July 31, 1944 off…

Obverse: Depiction of the French Empire: Sudanese African male, French European woman, Annamite Asian male and Berber Arab male with the French flag and flowers in the background, symbolising France and its Colonies. Reverse: Allegorical French woman…
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