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Front: General Murtala Ramat Muhammed (8 November 1938 – 13 February 1976).

Front: Military activities and training. Troops marching with arms raised. Haubitzes and rocket launchers. Flag hoisting ceremony. Back: BDM logo. Soldiers in training.

Front: Portrait of Marcus Garvey (1887-1940); Arms; Coffea coffee plant. Back: Rodney's Memorial*, Spanish Town Square in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

Front: Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus ruber); Back: Eric Williams Finance Building in Port of Spain where Central Bank of T&T is located; Point Lisas Industrial Estate

Obverse: President Idi Amin Dada (1925-2003) in military uniform. Coat of Arms depicting spears, waves of Lake Victoria, the Sun, a traditional drum, Crested Crane (Balearica regulorum gibbericeps), the Ugandan Kob (Kobus kob
thomasi), River Nile,…

Obverse: Portrait of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

Map of Libya; Map outline of Libya on a blank map of Africa; Meeting of African leaders on 9 September 1999, among them Libyan
President Mouammar Qadhafi, former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, although Palestine is not an African country or…

Front: Portrait of President Moise Kapenda Tshombé (1919-1969); Flag of Katanga.
Back: Foundry.

Cheminee et Terril - Gecamines. Mining complex. Patrice Lumumba in prison.

First Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba (1925 – 1961). Issued 1967
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